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Our Story

  At Pinc Blink, we are fueled by passion,
 led by compassion and inspired by a
 remarkable woman who knows cancer all
 too well.  Our Founder and CEO, Christy,
 dedicated herself to working at one of the
 nation's leading and most prestigious
 cancer centers in the United States.
 Throughout her time there, she bore
 witness to the profound impact cancer can
 have on individuals - not only physically
 but also mentally and emotionally.
Having seen how cancer can strip away a person's physical beauty, including the loss of hair, lashes and eyebrows, our Founder was driven to create something special.  The vision behind Pinc Blink is simple yet power: to provide cancer warriors with a luxurious, comfortable and vegan magnetic lash line.  Our Founder understands that cancer is an unforgiving and relentless disease that spares no one, but she believes that every person, regardless of their journey, deserves to feel beautiful and confident.
At Pinc Blink, our empathy drives our mission.  The heart of our brand is rooted in the profound passion and compassion that stems from our Founder's experiences.  Witnessing the immense impact cancer has on individuals both physically and emotionally, she was moved to create something extraordinary. 
Our brand stands firm in empowering, inspiring confidence, celebrating beauty and supporting those on their journey through cancer - because every blink with Pinc Blink is a testament to the extraordinary spirit within.