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How to Care For Your Pinc Falsies

Pinc Lashes are made for multiple uses, however, proper care and maintenance will maximize the amount of usage.  Our falsies can be used up to approximately 25 - 30 wears depending on maintenance.
1. After removing your lashes, be sure to clean the eyeliner residue from each micro-magnetic by gently dabbing a small amount of makeup remover to clean off the eyeliner residue.
2. Clean any makeup off your Pinc lashes with oil-free makeup remover using a Q-Tip or lash wand.  Dab the Q-Tip or a lash wand with a small amount of makeup remover, twirl the Q-tip or wand as needed on affected areas of your lashes.  
3. Store lashes back in the lash tray to retain the lash shape and proper storage
4.  Avoid liquids.  Although our lashes are made with high-quality synthetic fibers and may withstand water, we do not recommend submerging your lashes in liquid as this may compromise the quality, shape and longevity of your lashes.