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Application & Removal


How to Apply:

The magnetic lashes will only work with the magnetic eyeliner (2-in-1 liquid liner + lash bond which is included).  

Step 1: Shake the liner well

Step 2: Hold lash up to your eyes, measure and trim accordingly to your natural eye shape. 

Step 3: Shake lash liner well and apply 1-2 layers or as desired and allow up to 1-2 mins for liner to fully dry.  

Step 4: Place the lash on the liner and allow them to magnetize in place.


How to Remove:

Please be gentle when removing your Pinc lashes as they are magnetized to a stronghold eyeliner + lashbond.  

Remove by gently pulling lash from the outer corner of your eyes and lift up as you are peeling them off, working towards the inner corner of your eyes.  Repeat the same on the other eye.