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Why did you create Pinc Blink Lashes for Cancer Patients?

Our Pinc Squad truly understands that battling cancer has a devastating impact on a person’s body physically, but it equally impacts a person emotionally.  Navigating through the treatment process is tasking and exhausting, but with the right support, resources and beauty self-care, it can alleviate the pressure and help tremendously.

We often see that cancer patients lose their hair, eyebrows and eyelashes during or after the treatment process and this can mentally handicap our warriors.  

No one is prepared to lose their hair and when they do start falling out, it is emotionally harrowing.  Losing your hair, brows and lashes may have equivalency to losing your self identity and confidence resulting in depression or anxiety. 

We also sometimes forget that eyelashes are barriers to catch and protect our eyes from airborne debris, dirt or lint from reaching our eye tissue. 

These are the exact reasons why Pinc Blink Lashes is created!  We hope that by wearing Pinc, our lashnistas can remain physically and emotionally happy and confident immediately as they await for their natural lashes to grow back and they can continue to stay and look beautiful while having the needed protection.

How are Pinc Lashes made with cancer patients who lost their natural lashes in mind?  

Nothing can replace the beauty of a person’s natural lashes, but the eyelash growth process is a waiting game.  Generally, your lashes may start growing back in about 3-6 months after chemo or radiation treatment, but for some it can take up to a year for full growth and of course this varies person to person.

Although traditional strip lashes (lashes that requires lash adhesive during application) maybe an option for cancer patients, they may not be a popular or first choice for a few reasons:

  • Glue on lashes may require some effort, practice and technique when applying
  • Adhesives may cause eye irritability and some patients may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive
  • Chemotherapy or radiation treatments may cause dryness and sensitivity to the eyes.  Natural tearing in the eyes may increase to help with the dryness and as a result of the tearing in the eyes, the adhesive will be affected when the lashes are applied 

Because of the reasons indicated above, Pinc Blink lashes is created and designed to improve the usability for our cancer warriors for immediate results.   

Here are some distinct features why our lashnistas chooses and wears Pinc:

  • Our lashes are created with micro magnets (12 of them on each lash for the ultimate hold) so no adhesives are required when applying
  • Our lashes are vegan and cruelty-free and made with high quality synthetic fibers 
  • The lash removal process is also quick and simple – just peel gently and voila, you are done!   
  • Understanding that our lashnistas have no natural lashes to act as a “support ledge” to hold up the set of Pinc lashes when applied, we designed our lashes with extremely lightweight synthetic fibers which are weaved to a sturdy lash band so the lashes stay up and in place for an all day wear – no drooping! 
  • The micro magnets are well magnetized to our stronghold magnetic eyeliner for the ultimate hold

Are Pinc Lashes safe for cancer patients to wear?

Our lashes are lightweight and comfortable to wear.  Each set of lashes are made with high-quality synthetic fibers with no harmful chemicals or latex and they do not require any lash adhesives when applying so it should not irritate your eyes.  

We designed our lashes with 12 micro magnetics for very strong hold and easy application and removal. 

Our lashes and magnetic liners are generally safe to wear, but we recommend that you speak with your health care professionals if you have any concerns or questions about wearing magnetic falsies or is generally allergic to makeup products.  

Please review our disclaimer for further information relating to this topic. 

Can I wear Pinc Lashes if I did not undergo chemo/radiation treatment or was not impacted by cancer?

Yes, Pinc is a safe and great choice for beauty queens who are seeking quality vegan magnetic lashes, or for those who suffer from Alopecia, Trichotillomania (Trich) or for those who are passionate about supporting our brand’s mission and cause.

Are Pinc Lashes cruelty-free?
Yes, our lashes are made with high-quality synthetic materials and are not tested on any animals during the making. 

Are Pinc Lashes vegan?
Yes, our lashes do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.  

How do I apply my Pinc Lashes?

The magnetic lashes will only work with the magnetic eyeliner.  

Brush on a generous amount of the magnetic eyeliner onto your lash line (just like you would when wearing normal liquid eyeliner) and let it dry for about 1 – 2  mins or longer depending on how much liner is applied.  Remove the lashes from the lash tray (trim and size if needed) and magnetize the lashes to your eyes.  That’s all – you’re done and ready!

How do the lashes adhere to my eyes?

Traditional strip lashes require a lash adhesive where you apply onto the lash band and then apply the lashes to your eyes.  For some, this can be time consuming, too much effort and messy to apply.  

The revolution of micro magnetics have solved those challenges.  The micro magnets on the lashes are magnetized to the magnetic eyeliner – no adhesive necessary. 

How do I remove my magnetic lashes?

Please be gentle when removing your Pinc lashes as they are magnetized to a stronghold liner.  

Remove by gently pulling lash from the outer corner of your eyes and lift up as you are peeling them off working towards the inner corner of your eyes. Repeat the same on the other eye.

Are Pinc Lashes reusable and how many times can I use my lashes?

Yes the lashes are reusable and with proper care and maintenance, our lashes can be reusable up to 50 wears.. 

How do I maintain my Pinc lashes?

It is important to properly maintain the lashes to maximize the amount of usage.  

After removing your lashes, be sure to clean the eyeliner residue from each mico magnet by gently scrapping it off with your finger nails or dab a small amount of makeup remover to clean off the residue. Store lashes back in lash tray to retain the lash shape and proper storage. 

We recommend to avoid any water contact as this may alter the shape and curl of the lashes. 

How do I trim my Pinc lashes?

Trimming your lashes is simple.  Remove lash from tray, bring them up and align them to your eyes to measure for sizing.  If the lashes are longer than your natural eye shape, trim them accordingly, cutting them from the inner corner of the lash. 

Can I wear mascara products with my Pinc lashes?

Yes you can

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