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Hey Lashnistas,


All Pinc Blink lashes are made with the highest quality of synthetic fibers to mimic the feel of natural lash hair, are free of harmful chemical and latex and the cotton lash band is lightweight and made of micro magnets to allow for quick and easy application without having to use lash adhesives.

Our 2-in-1 magnetic liquid liner and lash bond is also free from harmful chemical and made with typical liquid eyeliner ingredients such as iron oxide which is non-toxic and generally non-allergenic to the skin and used in most cosmetic products.

Although our lashes and eyeliners are generally safe for all beauty warriors to use and wear, the products or information provided are not exclusive or intended to replace or override any medical advice from your health care professionals.

If and when you feel any discomfort, irritation or have any health related concerns, please remove the lashes and eyeliner and refrain from wearing them and contact your health care professionals immediately.

Just like with most other cosmetic products, there are ingredients used that may pose a risk for possible allergic reactions or irritation.

We strongly encourage you to do a quick allergy test (especially if you’ve had previous allergic responses to other cosmetic products) prior to using Pinc Blink lashes and magnetic eyeliner.


Quick Allergy Test Steps:

a. Brush a small amount of the magnetic eyeliner to the back of your ear (this is where the skin is most soft and delicate). Observe for any swelling, itching or reddening

b. If you experience any itching within 30 mins of the test, this means you are having an allergic reaction and should not continue using the product.


Pinc has many satisfied and returning lashnistas and no known medical issues (relative to wearing Pinc lashes or eyeliners) were ever reported. Please note that skin and eye sensitivity, allergic reactions or other health issues are unique and varies person to person.

To be certain of your safety, please consult with your health care professionals if you have any questions.


Thank you.



Your Pinc Squad



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